Welcome to the 14 Essentials further learning module
This self-paced teaching aid gives information and practical tips about each key element in the 14 Essentials Summary


The DCRCs gratefully acknowledge funding from the NSW Ministry of Health to develop this online resource.
The module and content was developed with many inputs and consultants. Key contributors include:
▪ Prof Henry Brodaty ▪ Dr Michael Connors ▪ Ms Anne Cumming ▪ Prof Dimity Pond ▪ Dr Helen Creasey ▪
Ms Robyn Faine ▪ Dr Allan Shell ▪ Dr Judith Silberberg ▪ Dr Peter Wilkenfeld ▪ Dr Belinda Goodenough ▪

The 14 Essentials resources emanate from work by Prof Charles Bridges-Webb in updating the
2003 Guidelines for the Care of Patients with Dementia in General Practice