Dr David Lie

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DCRC role / affiliation

DCRC -EDP / CC / ABC - Consultant and collaborator

Other roles / affiliations

Acting Clinical Director, Older Persons Mental Health Services, Metro South Mental Health


Dr David Lie is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland and has been Director of the Aged Care Mental Health Service at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane since 2001.

He was in general practice for a short time before training in psychiatry and psychogeriatrics.

His interests include mental health in residential aged care, behavioural emergencies in dementia, planning and delivering psychogeriatric services and the potential of web-streamed multimedia to improve dementia care. He is affiliated with the Academic Unit in Geriatric Medicine at UQ.

David was a researcher with the Eastern Sydney Nursing Home Project in 1997 and returning to Queensland set up Mental Health Services for the Elderly at the Gold Coast working there with the Dementia Support Team, a Statewide Service to assist with management of behavioural disturbance in residential aged care.

He represents psychogeriatric services on the Qld Statewide Mental Health Clinical Network and has had substantial involvement in undergraduate and postgraduate training of various disciplines in the area of dementia and delirium.

David is Queensland Node Leader within Dementia Collaborative Research Consortium 2.