Dr Moyra Mortby

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Phone: 02 61258410

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BSc, MSc (Keele University, UK), PhD (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

DCRC role / affiliation

DCRC-EDP, Researcher

Other roles / affiliations

Research Fellow, ANU


Moyra is a postdoctoral research fellow with the Ageing Research Unit and is studying the use of normative structural imaging databases to assess brain ageing across the adult lifespan.

The focus of Moyra's research is the identification of cerebral differences associated with varying exposures to risk factors, biomarkers and cognitive outcomes. Other research interests include the investigation of risk factors associated with neuropsychiatric symptoms in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's disease.

Moyra has moved from the University of Zurich to work in collaboration with the Dementia Collaborative Research Centres (DCRC) on the ANDI project.