Dr Victor Vickland

Phone: 02 9385 2585


MClinPsych , PhD

DCRC role / affiliation

no longer working with the DCRCs


Dr Victor Vickland has qualifications in health sciences and clinical psychology, with training and expertise in research methodologies, statistical analysis and software programming tools. Victor leads a research project that is focusing on computer modelling of dementia management. The aim of the project is to develop and evaluate a computer model that can improve understanding of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia and introduce virtual experiments into dementia research.

He is also investigating new methods for the visualisation of clinical information using computer animations that can be applied to individual patients and to groups of patients. His previous experience includes research focusing on methods for retrieval of clinical information and application of internet search technologies to support information needs of medical practitioners.

Dr Vickland has long-term research interests in the development of virtual experiments in which hypothetical treatment interventions can be tested prior to being evaluated in clinical trials. Experiments involve development of simulated clinical scenarios, parameter variation, optimisation and sensitivity analysis. Victor is interested in creating an experimental framework with libraries of virtual patients and environments within which patients interact with each other. Specific areas of interest include management of depression, aggression and anxiety in patients with dementia.