Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs

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BA, Postgrad Dip, PhD (Clinical Neuropsychology)

DCRC role / affiliation

DCRC-EDP, Principal Investigator

Other roles / affiliations

Alzheimer’s Australia Research Fellow 2013-2014, Centre for Research on Ageing Health and Wellbeing | NHMRC Early Career Fellow 2014-2018, The Joseph Sagol Neuroscience Centre, Sheba Medical Centr


Alex is a research fellow and a clinical neuropsychologist. His clinical and research 
activities focus on normal and pathological ageing, with a strong focus on the early detection of neurodegenerative conditions, and on the development of interventions for the primary and secondary prevention of dementia.
Alex’s research is supported by funding from DCRC-EDP, Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research and Foundation, and he has recently been awarded an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (2014-2018).