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About the I2I-A:
"Innovation to Implementation - Australia" (I2I-A) is a 7-step knowledge translation planning tool. It is written in plain English and as a practical guide does not assume that the reader has a background in science or theoretical KT models.

Where does the I2I-A come from?
The I2I-A is a revision of a guide originally developed in Canada by the Knowledge Exchange Centre of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The DCRC Knowledge Traslation Program has adapted (with permission) the original document, which can be downloaded here with the following citation:
A Practical Guide to Knowledge Translation in Health Care. Created by the   Knowledge Exchange Centre of the Mental Health Commission of Canada , in collaboration with Dan Bilsker and Elliot M. Goldner.
First published in 2012 by and revised in 2014 by
Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Suite 320, 110 Quarry Park Blvd SE,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2C 3G3

Suite 600, 100 Sparks Street, 
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 5B7

The I2I-A is a 7-step how-to guide for driving change using KT activities. It is built around the concept of innovation: products, actions, services or relationships that have the potential to enhance health outcomes. The guide illustrates how to move from innovation to implementation in a thoughtful manner to achieve the desired outcomes of a project or initiative.

The I2I-A is not meant to replace KT models or framework, rather to facilitate an increase their application in a practical, step-by-step guide to achieving successful KT. The I2I-A highlights the value of planning KT projects that involving a diverse range of participants and expertise, where knowledge is jointly identified, co-created or applied.

The I2I delivers a pragmatic approach to KT in health settings, via 7 steps:

  1. State the purpose of the KT plan.
  2. Select the innovation
  3. Specify the players and actions:
  4. Identify the best agents of change:
  5. Design your KT plan.
  6. Implement the plan.
  7. Evaluate.

The I2I-A explains the purpose of each step, with guided questions, helpful tips, and workbook space to make notes. Where posisible, information is illustrated with examples specific for aged care and dementia.

The Guide also gives additional information on three important topics related to knowledge translation:

A. Is this innovation "KT ready"?
B. Readiness for Change
C. Disseminating new knowledge

How to cite the I2I-A:

Please use the following citation for the I2I-A:
Goodenough B, Young M. (2014). Innovation to Implementation - Australia: A Practical Guide to Knowledge Translation in Health Care (with examples from aged care and dementia). Dementia Collaborative Research Centres, Australia.    
Current suite of resources for the I2I-A
These materials are based upon the "New Idea No Idea" Workshops  facilitated by Belinda Goodenough as part of the 2014 Knowledge Transfer Workshop Program for the Dementia Training Study Centres, and held buy lunesta online, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.
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