"You Are Not Alone"

This theme was selected by Alzheimer's Australia for 
Dementia Awareness Month (September 2016) 

The DCRCs sponsored the Aug / Sep 2016 issue of the Australian Journal of Dementia Care by showcasing projects and articles on topics about building community, reducing isolation, and supporting special groups. Plus a reminder that scientists can only make a difference with a committed network of partners.



Uncovering the Hidden Truth
Jennifer Fletcher and Lee-Fay Low provide an update on the About People Living Alone with Dementia (APLAWD) Study
Respite experiences help carers know they're not alone
Maria O'ReillyElaine FieldingSandra Jeavons and Elizabeth Beattie introduce a new consumer guide for carers of people with dementia featuring the words and experiences of carers themselves.
Thinking and motor skills in people with the fragile X premutation
Julian Trollor and Rachael Birch provide an update on findings from an Australian study into fragile X-associated tremor ataxia syndrome (FXTAS), one of the most common inherited causes of dementia and movement disorder in mid-life.
Australian researchers have developed a free, online tool which allows people to assess their risk of developing alzheimer's disease after the age of 60. Sarang Kim and Kaarin Anstey explain.
Maria O'Reilly and Nicole Shepherd are exploring the issue from the perspective of people with dementia, their carers and flights crews, to develop guidelines and resources that will make air travel easier.
Little is known about the ageing prison population and the impact it will have on the prison community and the justice system. Monica Cations explores the issues.
Elizabeth Evans, Clancy Black & Julian Trollor outline what is known about dementia in people with a disability and describe their current research.
A research team lead by Cindy Jones is seeking residential aged care staff to participate in a new study trialling live educational webinars to improve skills in supporting sexual expression of people with dementia.
Lynn Chenoweth reports on a successful Australian carer coaching program for families living with dementia.