How to search the DCRC website

In addition to the menu ribbon [above ^] and information Quick Pick buttons [right >] there are three search tools to help you find what you need





At the top of each page is the DCRC search website tool. Use this keyword search to locate all relevant resources and articles. Search terms can include part words, e.g. "Bro" for Brodaty

To find a specific project or person, use the "Quick Pick" DCRC Search button to query the project database. The flters and advanced search options may assist in narrowing down the outputs for relevant projects

To browse research projects that are currently recruiting participants, use the LINK icon (bottom of the home page)
The results list will likely be long and comprehensive. For a more specific search use the DCRC SEARCH Quick Pick  button

If you are looking for a specific research output (e.g. publication), but do not know which project it is attached to, then use the "Search Website" tool

The LINK database can also be reached via the "Research & Participation" Menu (top of the page)