Understanding the experiences of carers of people with dementia:
National Survey

The move into permanent residential care for a person with dementia can be a difficult time for carers. Researchers at DCRC-Consumers and Carers are inviting families to share their experiences.

“We don’t know enough about how to support families during this important time of transition” said project leader Dr Elaine Fielding. “In this project we’re asking carers to share their experiences – and we hope to use this information to improve the process of moving into residential care for both the carer and the person with dementia.”


Pictured: Dr Elaine Fielding, Project Leader


This project asks two types of carers to participate:

  • those who have placed a family member in permanent care within the last three months, and
  • those who are on a waiting list for a permanent residential placement.


Carers will be invited to share how they feel about the overall transition process, the types of supports they have received, and the quality of their interactions with the staff of the residential facility their relative has been admitted to (or is on the waiting list for).  Carers will also be asked for suggestions for improving the transition process.

“Hearing from carers in these two groups will give us insight into the types of issues they face across the transition phase – it is possible that some issues for carers do not resolve when the move into residential care finally happens, or maybe the challenges change after the move” explained Dr Fielding.


This is a national study. To take part a carer will be asked to complete two surveys, one month apart, either online on by telephone (whichever is most convenient for the carer).


The online survey
is now open





Further information links:

DCRC Project Page

  • Project Lead: Dr Elaine Fielding, Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology / DCRC-CC
  • Co-investigators: Dr Maria O’Reilly, Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology / DCRC-CC
                                Prof Elizabeth Beattie, Queensland University of Technology/ DCRC-CC (Centre Director)

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