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Indigenous People with Dementia

Prof Lisa Jackson Pulver, Prof GA (Tony) Broe, Dr Simon Chalkley, Hamish Robertson, Rachelle Arkles, Prof Brian Draper
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Special Groups of People with Dementia (SGPD)
Project Description

Indigenous people are arguably at high risk of cognitive impairment (and subsequent dementia) compared with the non-Indigenous community of comparable ages, because of lower formal education, high levels of social trauma, more chronic disease, less opportunity for skill development (all leading to reduced cognitive reserve) and a high prevalence over the life-time of traumatic brain injury and drug and alcohol morbidity.

A literature review of dementia in indigenous people that includes risk factors for dementia and indigenous perceptions of dementia will be undertaken as the first stage of a proposal to mount an epidemiological study of dementia and cognitive impairment in this population.

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