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Clinical Practice Improvement in Acute Care Settings: Pain Priority

Sabine Apel, Prof Rhonda Nay, Dr Deirdre Fetherstonhaugh
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution La Trobe University
Project Description

This project extends the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care (ACEBAC) current Clinical Practice Improvement project into the acute care setting.

The project will: 

1) assess clinical staff knowledge of pain assessment and management in older people with dementia using the 'Pain and pain assessment in the older person questionnaire'

2) audit a sample of patients' records and collect de-identified information including: the existence of pain-causing medical conditions; current conditions; medical and surgical treatment; history of analgesia use; currently prescribed analgesia; evidence of pain assessment and re-assessment (either patient report or proxy); and documentation regarding pain and pain management

3) analyse survey responses and audit information to explore whether there is a relationship between theoretical knowledge and actual practice as documented in patients' records.

Project Portfolio
  • [ Journal article / Book / Chapter, 30-11-2008 ]
  • [ DCRC Report, 30-11-2008 ]

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