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Strategies which recruit and retain dementia and aged care nurses in Australian health care settings

Prof Lynn Chenoweth
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Best Practice in Dementia Nursing
Project Description

This was a two state survey study of Registered and Enrolled Nurses who were mainly caring for the older person and the person with dementia in the acute, sub-acute, community and aged care sectors, returning a yield of close to 4,000 completed surveys.

Ten focus groups held with a representative stratified sample of 38 volunteer survey respondents following analyses of survey responses. Thematic analyses produced five key domains:

1. issues for qualified nurses in relation to working in these fields of practice;

2. key job satisfaction factors;

3. main sources of dissatisfaction in nursing and the current job

4. factors influencing their decision to stay in nursing and in their current job;

5. organisational and managerial supports needed to stay in nursing and in their current job.

Recommendations were provided on factors and strategies that participants believed would assist nurse recruitment and retention in aged and dementia care.

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