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Suicidality and resilience in family and spousal carers of people with dementia

Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Griffith University
Project Description

This project will investigate suicidality and resilience among family and spousal carers of people with dementia.

It will address 6 key research questions:

  • Are family and spousal carers of people with dementia at risk for suicide?
  • What factors contribute to risk and resilience in this population?
  • What approaches might be useful in reducing risk and enhancing resilience?
  • How do risk and resilience vary across key transitions in the care-giving process?
  • How and why do resilient and at-risk carers access support services?
  • How are community and advocacy organisations equipped to support at-risk carers?

Two studies will be conducted.

The first will include surveys and interviews with suicidal and resilient carers to identify the risk and protective factors across key transitions in caring, as well as the meaning and lived experience of suicidality, resilience and service use.

The second will include surveys and interviews with representatives of support services and advocacy organisations to identify their knowledge of suicidality, their processes for identifying and supporting at-risk carers, and their suggestions for improving service provision.

It is anticipated that these initial studies will form the foundation for a more extensive program of research: investigating the applicability of the initial findings to rural carers, indigenous carers, and homosexual spousal carers; and trialling interventions to enhance resilience in at-risk carers.

Project Portfolio

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