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Managing Substance Abuse in the Over 60s

Prof Brian Draper, , Dr Adrienne Withall
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution UNSW
Project Description

There is insufficient knowledge about the prevalence and types of substance use and abuse in ageing clients presenting to Aged Care Services. This has resulted in a lack of clinical practice guidelines as regards substance use for clients 65 years and over.

This project seeks to gather pilot information about the substance use habits of clients presenting to Aged Care Services at the Prince of Wales Hospital and associated Community Health Services.

We will also determine how many of the identified clients with substance abuse are currently recognized by the treating team as having a substance abuse disorder; how many have a treatment plan that addresses the abuse; how many have been referred for specialist input by Drug & Alcohol services; and the reasons that clients identified by aged care services as having a substance abuse problem are NOT referred to the Drug & Alcohol services. We will also collect data on the client's mood, function and cognition.

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