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Medication management and dementia in the acute care sector and during care transitions

Prof Gabrielle Cooper, Dr Diane Gibson, Professor Susan Kurrle
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of Canberra
Project Description

This project builds on the findings of an extensive DCRC Systematic Review - Transition in care of people with dementia that identified that further research was required to develop linkages between health professionals who provide care to those with a dementia diagnosis to ensure more seamless transition across the care continuum (see link below).

Medications are associated with adverse outcomes particularly in high risk patients such as those with dementia and often requires hospital admission or delays discharge (Roughead et al 2009). This multidisciplinary team of researchers undertook qualitative research to describe the interface between patients, medications and their transition from the community and acute care. Please see final report and summary report below.

Project Portfolio

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