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Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of Technology Sydney
Project Description

The iHome project re-analysed the primary research data obtained from the CIs randomised controlled trials of the person-centred care model (CADRES and PerCEN studies) and compared aspects of these data with publically available secondary data to determine the key assumptions of a person-centred residential aged care facility (RACF).

Using additional 24 hour observational data of residents and staff of two from RACFs the iHome activity-based frameworks of staff/resident/manager interactions, events activities were constructed for a non-PCC-standard and a PCC-standard RACF. Beyesian computer modelling techniques were used to calculate person-centred RACF requirements by reference to the research literature and the pooled data. These were validated with additional data obtained from the EN-ABLE study.

The 20 bed ihome base model represents 'typical' residents, managers, nurses, direct care and recreation/lifestyle staff. Care quality is associated directly with resident behaviour and well-being.

Project Portfolio

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