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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy: an Australian adaption

Prof Brian Draper, Ms Daniella Kanareck, Ms Natalie Narunksy
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is a structured group or individual intervention for people with mild to moderate dementia aimed at improving cognition, mood, confidence and social functioning.Our pilot project aimed to adapt CST to Australian conditions; to determine what changes would be required to ensure cultural applicability and provide pilot data for a future implementation study. The program involves 45-minute sessions, held twice a week in the initial 7-week CST program, followed by the weekly 24-week maintenance CST program. The program utilises Reality Orientation, Reminiscence Therapy and Cognitive Stimulation Research.
The project included a literature review, adaptation of the content to an Australian setting, piloting of the initial and maintenance adapted CST programs, evaluation of the adaptation, and drawing up a manual to facilitate broader implementation.

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The adaptation has been completed, piloted and evaluated in both phases of the CST program.  
Click on the image to access the CST Guidelines.


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