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Improving support for caregivers of people with dementia from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds by strengthening community care services: a randomised controlled trial

Associate Professor Lily Dongxia Xiao, Prof Brian Draper, Dr Anita De Bellis, Ms Helena Kyriazopoulos
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Flinders University
Project Description

Studies reveal that caregivers from a CALD background who care for the PWD also from a CALD background are less likely to use care services and more likely to experience significantly higher care burden compared with caregivers from the mainstream culture.

This study tested the hypothesis that caregivers in a personalised and coordinated support group will show improved sense of competency, quality of life, satisfaction with care services and experience fewer burdens, compared with those in the usual care group. A randomised controlled trial was utilised to test the hypothesis. Reports and journal articles arising from this project can be found below.

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