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Dementia Services Framework Competency Standards Project

A/Prof Victoria Traynor, Prof Richard Fleming
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Centre-based
Project Description

Dementia care in NSW is delivered by mainstream community, hospital and residential care services with support and consultation provided by specialist positions/programs with dementia expertise.

Positions and programs with dementia expertise include community dementia nurses, dementia advisory services, dementia monitoring services, dementia clinical nurse consultants, nurse practitioners and behavioural assessment and intervention services (BASIS).

Increasing the availability of dementia expertise is a priority within the NSW Dementia Services Framework. Importantly, understanding the key competencies across the dementia expertise workforce and differentiating the different levels of competency standards among the range of positions/programs is a key activity in strengthening the quality and availability of dementia expertise to support mainstream services in providing dementia care.

This competency standards project funded by Ageing, Disability and Homecare under the NSW Dementia Services Framework, has consulted with dementia expertise positions/programs in NSW and has drawn from existing international literature which highlights dementia competency standards and frameworks.

Project Portfolio

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