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Evaluating residential facilities for people in the later stages of dementia

Prof Richard Fleming
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of Wollongong
Project Description

The EAT was developed for the NSW Department of Health to evaluate environments for people with dementia. It focuses on environments that can be expected support the activities of people in the early to mid stages of dementia when they are still able to engage with the ordinary activities of daily living. NSW Health has granted permission for it to be modified.

This project will build on the findings of the 'Defining the desirable characteristics of physical environments for the delivery of support and care to people in the final stages of dementia' project funded by the DCRC ABC and currently in progress.

These findings will enable questions about environmental features of direct relevance to the support of people in the later stages of dementia to be added to the EAT, replacing some that refer to features that are no longer relevant.

The result will be a high care version of the EAT, the EAT-HC. The inter-rater reliability and validity of the EAT-HC will be evaluated using the same methodology used successfully in the DCRC ABC funded project 'The use of environmental assessment tools for the evaluation of Australian residential facilities for people with dementia' The result will be the availability of two tools that cover the spectrum of residential care for people with dementia, developed through the systematic application of DCRC funds.

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