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Everyday decision-making: the experience of people living with dementia (extension of LTU-05/11)

Dr Deirdre Fetherstonhaugh, Prof Rhonda Nay, Dr Laura Tarzia
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
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Project Description

This is one project in a developing program of research into decision-making and people living with dementia.

It is considered essential to understand the essence of decision-making to complement other work on decision-making and end of life care. This project will focus on what IS decision making when a person has been given a diagnosis of dementia and how carers/family support and facilitate decision-making for people with dementia.

In 2012 we interviewed six people with dementia living in the community about decision-making and what it meant to them (LTU 05/11 ''budget of $5,000). The interviews were analysed and reported in a paper submitted to the Journal of Ageing Studies. This small pilot study provided valuable insight into the essence of decision making for people living with a diagnosis of dementia. It was also apparent from the interviews that for some people with dementia their carers/family supported and facilitated their continued involvement in decision-making.

We would now like to extend this project by interviewing more people with dementia about decision-making and where possible their carer or family member about how they support the continued involvement in decision-making of the person with dementia.

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