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Friendships and social structures: Understanding, assessing and improving social networks for persons living in residential care (FRIEND Study)

Ms Anne-Nicole Casey
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution UNSW
Project Description

The aim of the FRIEND Study is to increase understanding of the structure and process of between-resident friendship networks and social relationships of individuals with and without dementia living in residential aged-care facilities (RACF).

Study objectives include:

  • Investigation, measurement and assessment of onsite friendships and social relationships of individuals living in residential aged care (RACF) using social network analysis methodology - including collection of interview, survey and observational data for use in qualitative and quantitative analyses

  • Advancement of theory regarding how individuals with dementia may view and approach friendships and relationships with fellow residents, staff, and others in the context of a communal residential aged care setting

  • Informing future interventions that may aid in: assessment of residents' social networks, education for care staff, and support of friendships and social relationships for residents with dementia residing in RACF.

This study is a PhD project.

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