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Consumer Dementia Research Network (CDRN) - Extension project

Dr Chris Hatherly
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Alzheimer's Australia
Project Description

This project will extend and continue the work of the Consumer Dementia Research Network (CDRN); established in 2010 with support from the DCRCs to facilitate consumer involvement in dementia research and knowledge translation.

The Consumer Dementia Research Network involves a national network of consumers who provide input into a variety of research and knowledge translation activities in the field of dementia.

The network involves 25-30 active consumers, including a minimum of 5 members with dementia, and representatives from urban, rural and remote communities, as well as CALD, GLBTI and indigenous populations.

Members of the CDRN provide consumer input to the DCRC's through:

  • Assisting the DCRCs with grant reviews;
  • Representation on the DCRC Co-ordinating committee;
  • Working collaboratively with researchers on a number of projects to assist research direction and translation of research findings into practice.

The CDRN also provides consumer input into the National Quality Dementia Care Initiative. This involves setting priorities, assessing applications with assistance from researchers and service providers, determining funding and then helping to shape and steer national research implementation projects.

Finally, the CDRN has developed extensive links and involvement with dementia researchers, projects and organisations in Australia and in some instances abroad, as well as with a range of service providers, consumer organisations and professional bodies to support better dementia care research and practice.

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