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Can an online learning program improve clinical dementia skills and knowledge? Evaluation of the DementiaCare resource and training network program.

A/Prof Belinda Goodenough, Ms Ruby Tsang, Ms Anne Moehead, Kathy De Souza, Mr Ian Johnston, Mr Michael Moriarty, Ms Jacqui Riding, Jai Lamerton
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution NSW Ministry of Health & Northern NSW (NNSW) Local Health District (LHD) DementiaCare Program Team
Project Description

Positive Approach to Care of the Older Person

The DementiaCare Resource and Training Network (DCRTN) is a key deliverable of the NSW Dementia Services Framework 2012-2015, managed by NNSW LHD.

This clinician facilitated dementia education program provides online training that is innovative and interactive for NSW Health staff working in metropolitan, rural/ remote locations. As a part of an ongoing commitment to evidence-base standards of practice and knowledge translation activities, the DementiaCare team has developed a suite of online courses to train clinicians in dementia care.

Pictured: DementiaCare Team (left-to-right)

Ian Johnston - Project Officer - Clinical (Psychologist)
Anne Moehead - Project Lead - (Nurse Practitioner)
Kathy De Souza - Project Officer - Clinical (CNC)
Jacqui Riding - Project Officer - Technical
Michael Moriarty - Information Systems Development
Jai Lamerton - Web design / technical support


Project Aims

The original course was first launched in 2009 and managed by the NNSW LHD. In this project, the DCRCs are working with the DementiaCare team to evaluate the program.

The aim of this project is to establish how this online learning program is being translated into the care provision at the bedside. In addition, establishing what benefits the program provides to rural clinicians with limited education opportunities.

Anne Moehead, Belinda Goodenough, Kathy de Souza(Facilitator training Day, UNSW, December 11, 2013)

Outcomes of interest include:

  • Measuring the impact of the online education format in relation to knowledge translation
  • Assessing how best to respond to the education needs of rural/ remote clinicians within a time of fiscal restraint
  • To add to the Australian literature on the benefits and challenges in relation to the effectiveness of Dementia education
  • The evaluation of effective formats for eLearning and knowledge translation appropriate for the Health workforce
  • Investigate the role of health managers in contributing to the educational needs of clinicians

Project Portfolio

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