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Opti-Med: A randomised controlled trial of deprescribing to optimise health outcomes for frail older people

Prof Chris Etherton-Beer, Dr Kathleen Potter
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution
Project Description

Frail older people living in residential care are often prescribed unnecessary medications. We want to test whether stopping some of their drugs will improve their life expectancy, quality of life & independence & reduce their risk of falling. We will stop medications thought to cause harm in older people and medications that may not provide any overall benefit.

The primary aim is to determine whether deprescribing is safe among older people living in residential aged care facilities (RACF).

The secondary aims are to determine whether medication reduction improves physical health, cognitive function, and quality of life.

This project builds on previous work by the DCRCs in the area of deprescribing. (see links in Project Portfolio)

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