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A feasibility study of a nursing intervention to assist General Practitioners with best practice identification and management of dementia

Prof Dimity Pond
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Central Coast Division of General Practice and the GP Network Northside Division
Project Description

This project built on and reflected learnings from exploratory work developing the role of Specialist Memory Nurses (SMN) to support primary health care teams in the identification and management of dementia in general practice.

As part of the 75+ health assessment conducted by the Practice Nurse (PN), a GPCOG screening test for dementia and Geriatric Depression Scale was added. Patients who scored in the impaired range on the GPCOG were invited by the PN to participate in this study which involved a SMN, in a consultant role, conducting a series of specialist cognitive and functional tests - the results of which were then fed back to the GP and PN with other recommendations to faciliate diagnosis, and support care planning and management.

Project Portfolio

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