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The effect of foot massage on long-term care staff's stress levels, anxiety, mood state, somatic symptoms and experiences of working with people with dementia - A pilot RCT

Prof Wendy Moyle
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Griffith University
Project Description

This study will be a randomized controlled trial with a cross-over, repeated measures design that seeks to generate initial pilot data to test the efficacy of foot massage against a control activity of silent resting in care staff working in long-term care facilities.

Its primary aim is to explore the effect of foot massage on perceived stress levels and, at a secondary level, on blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, anxiety, mood state, somatic symptoms and experiences of working with people with dementia.

Participants will be randomly assigned to either a foot massage or silent resting group and will experience 10-minutes of either 'activity' before the start of each of their rostered shifts for four-weeks. Following a two-week 'washout' period of no activity, participants will then 'cross-over' into the opposite treatment group and the protocol will be repeated for another four weeks.

Outcome data will be collected pre-intervention, at the mid-point and post-intervention. This will include the:

Perceived Stress Scale-version 10;

Profile Of Mood States- Bipolar;

Patient Health Questionnaire-15; and

Staff Experience of Working with Demented Residents' Questionnaire.

Physiological data and a brief assessment of anxiety will also be collected before and after each foot massage/silent resting session.

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