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Family involvement in care of people with dementia in acute care

Prof Wendy Moyle
Research Centre DCRC Carers and Consumers
Partner Institution Griffith University, La Trobe University, University of Tasmania, Townsville Hospital
Project Description

Time in hospital is known to have an adverse effect on the health of people with dementia and an acute hospital setting presents care staff with special challenges, such as caring for the individual's personhood and managing behavioural and psychological symptoms.

One of the important factors that defines quality care for people with dementia is the important role of the family carer in enhancing the care experience of their relative. While there is growing evidence to support the positive role of family, there is limited knowledge on the extent to which families are included and valued in the care relationship in the acute care setting.

This study will interview family dyads (person with dementia and family carer) and staff to explore the role and needs of the family carer who has a family member with dementia cared for within an acute care setting. It will explore staff attitudes to family involvement and the means by which the role and needs of family carers can be facilitated.

Increased knowledge in this area will provide a basis for determining the need for interventions which promote family involvement in acute care settings as well as the development of models of family engagement in acute care for people with dementia.

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