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The Dementia Collaborative Research Centres (DCRC) were established in 2006 under the Government’s Dementia Initiative, funded by the Department of Health and Ageing after a competitive tender process. The three centres which were based at UNSW, ANU and QUT had many collaborative partners around Australia. In 2011, administration of the DCRCs was transferred to the NHMRC and in 2016 responsibility shifted to the newly established NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research (NNIDR). 

Under the NNIDR the 3 DCRC centres have been unified and renamed the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration (DCRC) while retaining 3 ‘hubs’ at the original sites mentioned above. Alzheimer’s Australia is the auspicing body for the NNIDR and NHMRC has responsibility for outputs.

The DCRC is managed by an NNIDR executive committee comprising Janice Besch (NNIDR Director), Chris Pettigrew (deputy director NNIDR), Professor Kaarin Anstey, Professor Elizabeth Beattie and Professor Henry Brodaty (3 hub directors) and a national NNIDR KT manager (to be appointed).

This new framework will serve to grow partnerships and strengthen ties with consumers and service providers, Dementia Training Australia and Dementia Support Australia in order to progress prevention, assessment, care and translation of knowledge into everyday practice, as well as building the next generation of dementia researchers. 
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