Dr Amit Lampit

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DCRC-ABC, Research Collaborator

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Postdoctoral Research Associate, Regenerative Neuroscience Group Brain & Mind Research Institute


Amit is a Postdoctoral Research Associate and leads the Regenerative Neuroscience Group's cognitive style and human research program. His research interests are cognitive training across the lifespan, prevention of ageing-related cognitive decline, neuroimaging and advanced meta-analytic techniques.

Amit's cognitive training career begun more than a decade ago, first with children with ADHD and later with university students and young professionals. In 2009, Amit conducted the first study to show that cognitive training can transfer to improvements in the performance of bookkeeping tasks in young adults.

He moved to Australia in 2011 to join the group's Timecourse of Cognitive Training trial. The trial found that cognitive training can improve global cognition in older adults at risk of dementia, and characterised the dose-repsonsiveness curves of cognitive effects up to one year post training. He received a PhD from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Medicine in 2014.

His current projects include several trials of cognitive training in old and young adults, a pilot study of indoor spatial tracking to detect functional decline in the 'older-old', as well as a number of neuroimaging studies and meta-analyses. He was the leading author of an influential meta-analysis of the field, which found that computerised cognitive training ('brain training') is efficacious on cognition in healthy older adults, but training must be conducted in group format and no more than three times per week.
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