Mr Glenn Rees

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BA Econ Leeds University

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Collaborator and consultant

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CEO, Alzheimer's Australia


Glenn Rees has worked at senior levels in the British and Australian Public Services. In Britain he worked as Private Secretary to senior Ministers, in the Cabinet Office and in Economic Departments. In Australia since 1976 he has worked in program and policy areas including Prime Minister and Cabinet, Employment and Training, Aged Care, Disabilities, Housing and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.

He was Chair of the Nursing Homes and Hostels Review in 1986 and was involved in implementing the first wave of aged care reforms.

He has been CEO of Alzheimer's Australia since 2000 during which time Dementia has been made a National Health Priority. He is an active member of the National Aged Care Alliance and has been a member of many Ministerial and official advisory committees on aged care.