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The Sage-ID Study: The Predictors and Correlates of Cognitive Decline in People with Intellectual Disability: a Questionnaire study

Professor Julian Trollor, Prof Henry Brodaty, Prof Perminder Sachdev
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of New South Wales
Project Description

The life expectancy for people with Intellectual Disability (ID) is increasing dramatically, ensuring a rapidly expanding group of elders with ID. Little is known about the cognitive, functional, psychosocial or health trajectories of this relatively neglected group as they age, and even less is understood about the predictors of adverse outcomes.

This study will establish a large representative cohort of people with ID which will be of international significance. Data regarding physical and mental health and cognitive decline will be collected via postal questionnaire. In addition, questionnaires will examine the carer burden experienced by family carers.

The project will deliver the first evidence-based data regarding the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of older Australians with ID, the correlates and predictors of decline in their mental health status, and the service use and carer burden associated with ageing with an ID.

The study is therefore of high strategic relevance and is geared to an evaluation of the needs and unmet needs of this growing population. These data will be pivotal to mental health and disability service planning as the population with ID ages.

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