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Injury-related hospitalisations in people with dementia: causes, consequences and costs

Dr Lara Harvey, Professor Jacqueline Close, Prof Henry Brodaty, Prof Brian Draper, A/Prof Rebecca Mitchell
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Neuroscience Research Australia
Project Description

People with dementia have higher hospitalisation rates than those without dementia, and injury has recently been shown to be the most common cause of hospitalisation for people with dementia. Despite this, little is known about the hospitalisation experience for people with dementia who have sustained an injury.

This retrospective cohort study will examine hospitalisations for people aged 50 and over, admitted to NSW hospital with an injury, during the period 2002-2011 to:

a) provide a hospitalisation profile, examine trends, and quantify the health outcomes for people with dementia

b) determine whether these indicators and trends differ between those with, and those without, dementia and

c) quantify the economic costs to the healthcare system associated with injury-related hospitalisations in people with dementia.

Demographic and clinical information will be extracted from the NSW Admitted Patient Data Collection (APDC) and linked to death registration data (RBDM) and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) mortality data to provide comprehensive person-based records. Descriptive statistics and regression analysis will be undertaken.

This study will provide much needed data on the impact of injury on the person with dementia and the health system more generally. It will used to support the argument for more research to be undertaken in this area where evidence of the benefits of intervention is currently lacking.

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