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Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of Newcastle
Project Description

This project will evaluate transitional care (discharge planning and the post discharge delivery) for patients with dementia and their carer's. The recommended transitional care processes reported in the research literature, relevant government reports and NSW Ministry of Health documents, and policies in the Hunter New England Region, will be used as the standard by which to evaluate the planning and delivery of services.

Recommended practices are defined by current NSW Health policy documents and previous research studies that have identified deficits in this process between the acute care environment and subsequent provision of health services.

Patients with dementia are one of the National Health Priority Areas identified by the NHMRC, and are particularly vulnerable to deficits in the planning and provision of transitional care due to their associated cognitive impairment and the existing transitional care processes. Their carers become de facto health care managers and may not be provided with adequate information, or support, to adhere to recommended transitional care processes.

Evaluating actual transitional care practices against recommended practice will assist with planning an intervention study designed to improve the transitional care process for dementia patients and their carers and with developing recommendations for carer-friendly transitional care processes.

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