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Timely Diagnosis of Dementia

Dr Allan Shell, Prof Henry Brodaty
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution centre-based
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The project will enhance the capacity of primary care practitioners to diagnose and manage dementia by:

  • Delivering existing accredited dementia workshops and small group learning sessions to approximately 1,000 GPs at medical conferences in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and in 10 other urban and regional areas around Australia.

  • Developing accredited on-line versions of the existing education materials, and making them available through relevant stakeholders

  • Training trainers to deliver the educational materials

  • Creating on-line GP screening prompts and work with the developer of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software package to integrate this into the desktop software used by approximately 40% of GPs.

  • Working with Alzheimer's Australia in each state and territory to develop and deliver community awareness activities on dementia diagnosis and management in conjunction with GP education sessions.


  • The national small group workshop program has been completed
  • The Active Learning Module (ALM) has been developed and is now live
  • Dementia Assessment tool/prompts included in GP practice management software

The Active Learning Module (ALM) "Timely Diganosis od Dementia" is being accessed as a accredited activity (click the picture on the left).

The ALM discusses the assessment and investigation of the patient who presents with cognitive impairment.



Through the work of this project, dementia assessment is now included - for the first time in Australia - as part of the  Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software "Best Practice". This software is used by large numbers of GPs (over 2300 clinics across Australia) 


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