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About this projectMany GPs report a lack of time and confidence in diagnosing dementia. Indeed, the diagnosis is often missed in primary care with about 50% of patients with dementia remaining undiagnosed. This project addressed this by developing a set of guidelines for GPs that are evidence-based, practical, and easily accessible via a website.

The guidelines are based around the original 14 Essentials that were written by Prof Henry Brodaty and colleagues. The guidelines provide supplementary detail for each of the 14 essentials and contain only information that is helpful or necessary to health professionals.

The guidelines outline principles of management, which were not covered in the original 14 Essentials.

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Article: Dementia: 14 Essentials of Management
Article: Dementia: 14 Essentials of assessment and Care Planning

The project is currently working with partners and stakeholders to disseminate the 14 Essentials resources, and promote awareness
and use of the guidelines in General Practice.

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