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The BPSD Guide: developing resources appropriate for remote Aboriginal communities

BPSD Team , Prof Henry Brodaty, Ms Kim Burns, Dr Ranmalie Jayasinha
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Services (DBMAS)
Project Description

This project is part of the BPSD Guide - Development, Dissemination and Evaluation program. The Guide is part of the suite of resources, including apps and companion guides, which can be accessed on the Program Resource Page.

Background to this project

The BPSD Guide project team in collaboration with expert clinicians have developed a set of 11 BPSD posters for those working with remote Aboriginal communities. The posters are based on the principles in the original BPSD Guide and support the DBMAS BPSD videos available at:

The video project included an Indigenous consultancy group to ensure they were culturally appropriate and acceptable. The DCRC project to develop the posters was prompted by clinicians visiting Aboriginal communities in remote areas who wanted a resource that supported their use of the videos and could be left in the community after the visit. Further consultation on the posters was undertaken with others working with Aboriginal communities in remote areas.



To see the full set of posters see the BPSD Guide Program resource page and to request A3 hard copies (in colour) contact Kim Burns. Health professionals should use their clinical judgement to determine the appropriateness and applicability when using these resources.


This project has received funding from the DCRC Knowledge Translation Program 2013-14

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