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APLAWD: About People Living Alone with Dementia

Dr Jenny Fletcher, A/Prof Lee-Fay Low, Prof Henry Brodaty, Professor Yun-Hee Jeon
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of Sydney
Project Description

APLAWD will be the first Australian study to count the number of people with dementia who live alone, or in a couple if both have dementia, within a defined year period in a geographic location.

The project will audit all 80+ health and home care services in the Randwick and Botany Bay local government areas. Mass media will be used to invite persons with dementia or their carers who live alone in the catchment area to contact us and be counted. Service providers will invite people with dementia living alone and their carers (and matched controls who do not live alone) to participate in interviews conducted by the research team.

We will interview a subsample of at least 50 people with dementia who live alone (with/without involved carers, female/male) to investigate their needs and unmet care needs, pathways to care, barriers to accessing care services, and their lived experiences, especially regarding social isolation. We will compare them to a matched control group of 50 persons with dementia who live with others. Carers will also be interviewed.

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