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Community Aging in Place: Advancing Better Living for Elders with Cognitive Impairment (CAPABLE-C)

Professor Yun-Hee Jeon, A/Prof Lee-Fay Low, Prof Henry Brodaty
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of Sydney
Project Description

The project tests the feasibility of RCT of a novel bio-behavioural-environmental intervention, CAPABLE-C.

A/Prof S Szanton, Prof L Gitlin and their team at The Johns Hopkins University in the US developed and successfully piloted the CAPABLE intervention in 2010, and they have been conducting a Phase III randomised trial, since 2012 funded by NIH (over US$4 million). The CAPABLE intervention was originally designed for cognitively intact, socioeconomically disadvantaged, frail older people living in the community in the US.

For this adaptation of CAPABLE, an Australian study, we propose to target frail older people with either early stage dementia or multiple-domain amnestic mild cognitive impairment (a-MCI), and therefore we will introduce an additional component of cognitive rehabilitation, to meet unique needs of this population (hence the revised naming of this study as ‘CAPABLE-C’).

The CAPABLE-C integrates proven strategies into a comprehensive, person-centered, home-based intervention with a goal to enhance the function of low-income older adults with early stage dementia and multiple-domain amnestic MCI at home in up to 13 visits (6 x OT, 4 x RN and 3 x Psychologist) delivered over 4 months, plus a handyman intervention.

The study focuses on improving self-care ability and mobility by intervening directly on these abilities as well as on factors that modify them such as pain, medication management, strength and balance, depression, cognition, and the home environment.

The key questions underpinning this study are:

  • Would the principles of CAPABLE work here in Australia?

  • Why do or don’t they work? How so?

  • And under what conditions/circumstances do they work?

Both quantitative and qualitative findings of this study will inform the development of a full-scale RCT as well as the implementation process of CAPABLE-C in the future.

If you wish to participate in this study, more details can be found on our LINK database:


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