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Promoting Healthy Ageing in two at-risk populations: People with Intellectual Disability, and their family carers

Professor Julian Trollor, Elizabeth Evans, Prof Henry Brodaty, Prof Perminder Sachdev
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
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Project Description

Approximately 2% of Australians have an intellectual disability (ID). Life expectancy for people with ID is increasing faster than for the general population. Age-related disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in people with ID are poorly understood, and their carers’ needs largely unknown. This project follows up a cohort of elders with ID and their family carers. We have already collected information on participants’ physical and mental health, lifestyle, and carer burden at a single time. This information makes this cohort unique in Australia, and of international significance. The follow-up study will investigate factors which influence AD risk, including potentially modifiable factors that could promote healthy ageing. It also investigates the impact of AD on carer mental health.

The project will develop much needed resources targeting consumers with ID, their family carers, and mainstream aged-care services. These will be launched at a forum promoting healthy ageing in people with ID.

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