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Working with nurses to improve oral health in residential aged care facilities

Dr Alan Deutsch, Dr Peter Foltyn, Jayne Braunsteiner, Professor Clive Wright, Prof Henry Brodaty, Vasi Naganathan
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Centre for Education and Research on Ageing and Montefiore Aged Care Nursing Home Dental Clinic
Project Description

This project aims to:

  • Trial and quantify Oral Tests and Oral Markers able to be performed by both Aged Care Facility nursing staff and dental professionals as predictors of the risk and severity of oral and general disease in dementia patients.
  • Ascertain whether RACF nurses can create care plans based on risk assessment profiles of dementia patients from oral marker screening tests.
  • Determine if RACF nurses can carry out individualised preventive interventions and assess whether these interventions result in an improvement in both oral markers and oral health.

It will involve both Aged Care Facility Staff in the management of oral needs of dementia patients and establish communication protocols to inform medical and dental professionals of the  risk of oral and systemic disease.


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