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Transitions between home, hospital and residential aged care following an injury related hospitalisation for people with and without dementia

A/Prof Rebecca Mitchell, Dr Lara Harvey, Professor Jacqueline Close, Prof Brian Draper, Dr Diane Gibson, Prof Henry Brodaty
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Macquarie University
Project Description

Dementia greatly increases a persons’ risk of injury related hospitalisation. It also significantly impacts on the care received following hospitalisation including access to rehabilitation care and ultimately place of discharge. Whilst the acute care costs can be quantified, the personal and economic costs extend well beyond the acute hospital setting and are rarely considered.

Previous research has examined care transitions between the home, hospital and residential age care for individuals aged 65 years and older who experienced an injury-related hospitalisation.  This work was conducted using health records from over a decade ago and did not examine the influence of dementia on care transitions for injured individuals.

This opportunistic study aims to use an existing resource to provide new data regarding care transitions of individuals aged 50 years and older in NSW and specifically the impact that an additional diagnosis of dementia has on those transitions. The existing resource to be interrogated is linked hospitalisation, residential aged care and aged care assessment program records from the Hospital Dementia Services Project.

The study will build on our existing research program designed to highlight both the influence dementia has on rate of injury as well as the impact of injury on an individual with dementia. The primary goal of the data is to provide a robust scientific and economic case for population specific intervention studies in injury prevention and strategies for rehabilitation in people with dementia.

The data will also be used to highlight opportunities within hospitals to improve care or people with dementia. Whilst focusing on injury in this study, some of the issues identified are likely to be generalizable to people with dementia in hospital.

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