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Scoping project for the National Dementia Register in Australia

Prof Henry Brodaty, Dr Karolina Krysinska
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Centre-based
Project Description

Registries are important tools for monitoring quality and appropriateness of care, measuring the impact of disease and treatments on patients, including quality of life, and estimating cost-effectiveness of treatments in real-world medical practice.

The scoping project aims to design and to develop the first stage of the National Dementia Register in Australia. The project involves review of the literature, liaison with other registries in Australia and internationally, and establishing and maintaining consultative and productive relationships with future Registry stakeholders.

The deliverables of the National Dementia Register will include performance feedback for services and clinicians and supplementing research data with information on routine diagnosis, treatment and care of dementia patients in health and aged care services. If feasible, there will be data linkage between the dementia registry and other relevant datasets in Australia.


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