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Dementia Outcomes Measurement Suite (DOMS)

Prof Henry Brodaty, Dr Liesbeth Aerts, Mr Adam Bentvelzen
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution Centre-based
Project Description


The Dementia Outcomes Measurement Suite, a project commissioned under the National Dementia Initiative, involves the revision of tools (instruments, scales, measuring devices) that are commonly used to assess different aspects of dementia, including cognition, behaviour, function and quality of life.

The aim is to develop a standard suite of recommended instruments that encourages Australian clinicians to use the same instruments and 'talk the same language'. To stimulate dissemination, the report and the different tools have been published online on

Almost 10 years after the publication of the original report, we are updating both the content and the lay-out of the website, in order to:

  • incorporate recent advances in dementia assessment
  • create a more user-friendly repository of recommended tools

To find out more about the ongoing updates you can read our recent Newsletter. We will launch the new and improved Dementia Outcomes Measurement Suite website in Spring 2016.

For more information and for dementia outcome measures

Visit our DementiaKT Knowledge Translation hub for resources for anyone with an interest in dementia
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