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Allen's Model of Functional Cognition and dementia using the Large Allen's Cognitive Level Screen (LACLS) Tool to identify and manage functional impairment. A PhD Project.

Ms Jacqueline Wesson, Prof Henry Brodaty
Research Centre DCRC Assessment and Better Care
Partner Institution University of Sydney
Project Description

Assessment for dementia commonly involves self or family reporting of difficulty completing self care and home management tasks, and neuropsychological testing. Sometimes, test results don't match self/ family reports, and in the absence of objective measures reduced functioning, diagnosis can be unclear. Some people don't have access to neuropsychologists for testing.

This project will provide an opportunity for robust examination of the Large Allen's Cognitive Level Screen (LACLS-5): validation of its use in diagnostic protocols assessing functional performance in early dementia; and, determination of its efficacy as an intervention guide facilitating improved functioning for people with mild-moderate dementia living in the community.

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