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Evaluation of online information on dementia risk reduction: does it promote behavioural change in individuals and in clinical practice?

Dr Maree Farrow, Mr Jack Sach, Ms Suha Ali
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution Alzheimer's Australia Vic
Project Description

Awareness of dementia risk factors and the potential for risk reduction in the Australian community is low. Available dementia risk reduction information has not previously been evaluated for its effectiveness in raising awareness and in encourage behavioural change. A website providing comprehensive information specific to dementia k reduction is being developed.

This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the information provided on the website. The project will involve surveying 200 general public and 100 health professional users of the website, evaluating the effectiveness of the information provided in improving knowledge and in getting the two groups to adopt relevant risk reduction strategies, and evaluating what additional resources the two groups feel they need to help them adopt risk reduction approaches.

The survey responses will be assessed quantitatively and qualitatively to examine the efficacy of the website in improving knowledge, increasing motivation and encouraging behavioural change in the community and in clinical practice.

The findings of the project will inform improvements to the website to ensure it provides effective information, and inform development of additional resources to assist consumers to take up dementia risk reduction advice and change their behaviour, and assist health professionals to involve risk reduction in clinical practice.

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