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Proteomics for discovery of novel biomarkers

Prof Colin Masters, Prof Ralph Martins, A/Prof Kathryn Ellis
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution MHRI
Project Description

2DGE in combination with mass spectrometry analysis are the key technologies involved in novel biomarker discovery in AD. The strategy that we will follow will require a repeat of 5 'Set' study. Each 'Set' will require samples of 20 individuals from each of the neuropsychological classified groups Human control volunteers (HC), subjective memory complainers (MC), mild cognitively impaired patients (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease patients (AD) with plasma and CSF samples investigated independently.

The 20 samples from each classified groups will be pooled together to form a composite sample for each group. Different individual will be selected for each 'Set' thus 100 different individual samples from each of the 4 categories would be used. Proteins will be processed for differential analysis through 2DGE. Spot analysis software will determine difference in expression of proteins between the 3 groups. Protein spots found to be differentially expressed will be isolated and processed for Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation TOF-TOF mass spectrometry analysis. Data will be matched to database for identification of novel markers. Identified proteins of interest will need to be further validated in the larger cohort before their suitability for inclusion in an optimal biomarker panel can be determined. This optimal biomarker panel will provide the lead candidates for future inclusion in multiplex assays.

This project will be undertaken at MHRI and ECU. Undertaking this project at both sites will allow for cross-validation of identified candidate biomarkers.

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