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Who benefits from dementia interventions? A study of motivations and barriers to lifestyle and behaviour changes for dementia prevention.

Ms Sarang Kim
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution Centre for Mental Health Research
Project Description

It is suggested that the risk of dementia can be reduced by modifying known risk factors. However, no large scale community based intervention to reduce the risk of dementia has yet been conducted in Australia.

This project aims to examine the importance of the individual's perception of dementia prevention and their motivation towards lifestyle and behavioural changes on the efficacy of a community based online intervention.

Factors that motivate and discourage people from changing their behaviour will be identified and tested in the most suitable behaviour change model.

The effect of media as a mediator will also be examined in enhancing people's intention for behaviour and lifestyle changes.

These will then be used to integrate into community based online interventions: The Program for Online Ageing and Cognition Threat Assessment (PROACTA), which is a project conducted under DCRC-EDP.


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