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iPhone and iPad dementia risk reduction app evaluation

Dr Maree Farrow,
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution Alzheimers Australia Victoria
Project Description

This project will evaluate phone and tablet device applications (iPhone and iPad apps) designed for people interested in addressing their future dementia risk. Participants will use the app to assess their current adherence to recommended risk reduction behaviours and to log their progress through activities to improve these behaviours.

The evaluation will assess the efficacy of using these devices to facilitate lifestyle and health strategies associated with reduced dementia risk. It will provide information about the resources required to motivate people to take up preventative health strategies. Participants will complete questionnaires before and after two months of using the app.

At the first assessment baseline information about their current health and behaviours related to dementia risk factors will be obtained.

At the second assessment their experience of using the app and any changes to behaviour will be assessed.

A third assessment will be conducted at six months to determine whether any behaviour change is sustained.

The results of this project will for the first time provide information about the utility of communication devices to educate their users about dementia risk reduction and facilitate the take-up of healthy behaviours. This will help inform future developments of dementia prevention initiatives.

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