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Online dementia risk reduction interventions

Dr Maree Farrow, Mr Jack Sach, Ms Suha Ali, Prof Kaarin Anstey, A/Prof Michael Woodward
Research Centre DCRC Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Partner Institution Alzheimers Australia Victoria
Project Description

This project will develop and evaluate online resources for people interested in addressing their future dementia risk.

Participants will use online modules to assess their current adherence to recommended risk reduction behaviours and to monitor their progress through tailored programs provided to improve these behaviours.

The project will assess the efficacy of this approach in facilitating behaviour change toward lifestyle and health strategies associated with reduced dementia risk. It will also provide information about the resources required to motivate and support people to take up preventative health strategies. Simple, self-administered lifestyle intervention programs that people can undertake without medical supervision will be developed and incorporated into the dementia risk reduction website developed in a previous DCRC project. The programs will be based on current evidence for risk/protective factors for dementia and current health guidelines.

The results of this project will inform future developments of community-wide dementia prevention initiatives and have the potential to make a significant contribution to improving the ability of Australians to address dementia risk factors individually and as a community. This is essential to efforts to curb the dementia epidemic facing our society.

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